Month: August 2017

Do I have USB 3.0?

  Do I have USB 3.0? Most people who have ever used a computer have at some point used their USB ports, whether it’s for storage, or input devices such as keyboards and mice. The USB has been around for years and…Read More »

Installing an OS via USB

OS Installation Operating system installations aren’t the most complicated thing in the world, however there are programs that make this process easier for you. A program that we highly recommend for this is called ‘Rufus’. Rufus is a tiny application that allows…Read More »

Laptop SSD vs HDD Video

Watch our first Youtube video comparing the speeds between an SSD and HDD. It’s a comparison between an SSD and a HDD on identical laptops to show how effective SSD’s are. SSD’s are available as an option on all compatible devices from…Read More »