By | October 26, 2017

Following on from our WiFi exploit blog, using a public network could also have vulnerabilities as you never know who or what is on the network with you. However, using a VPN (virtual private network) can make sure that everything that you are viewing on your device will be secure and increases security. A VPN creates an encrypted connection over a network such as the internet which could be less secure.

We recommend using a program called FlyVPN as there is a free trial which gives users a 20 minute, three times a day connection to a VPN server and a choice of around 20 different countries which you want to connect to. If you then approve of the service then you can pay monthly for an unlimited connection time and even more countries to connect to. Using a VPN is not essential however it is a good idea to use one while making online payments, as your traffic is encrypted by the VPN, it means no one can read or decipher what site you’re connected to or what payment you’re making.

There are plenty of other VPN’s available if FlyVPN does not suit your needs, it will ultimately come down to your preference and what features you desire.


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