By | November 2, 2017

Buying a computer is a very common purchase, thousands of people have one in their home and the most popular way to obtain one is to buy them pre-built from popular websites such as Amazon. However you do not have to purchase a computer built already, components for a computer can be purchased separately and you can build your own with some patience and research. Building your own means it’s personal to you, you can choose the case it goes in and what parts will suit your needs.

Buying components separately will fortunately mean that you will save money once the build is complete, building a computer is no easy task but there are hundreds of tutorials available to you advising you on which parts to buy. A good way to plan out a computer build is to use a website linked here: . This website will allow you to select the components you want and will even tell you whether they are compatible with each other.

At Circuit we are happy to offer the service of building the computer for you from a price of £75 + the costs of your chosen components, our team is very experienced in the building and handling of computer components and will treat your system with the upmost care. Please contact us for more information.

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