By | December 7, 2017

Downloading a file from the internet often brings concern if you’re not confident about where it has come from, there’s always that chance it’s going to be harmful software. Thankfully we have antiviruses to protect us, however most of them have a tool that you can use to stop the harmful piece of software before it starts.

Programs like Avast and AVG have a scanning feature, you can right click on the file you want to scan and there will be an option to scan the file without opening it. This is a great tool and you should definitely use it if you’re ever unsure about a file you have downloaded.

This also means you don’t have to scan your whole computer if you’re suspicious about a file, thus speeding up the process.

Furthermore, AVG also offers the user of ‘shredding’ a file, meaning it will be deleted without any trace of the file, quote from AVG:

“When you erase a hard drive, or delete a file using standard tools, only a reference to its data is removed from the file system. Simply deleting sensitive files, such as user data or licensed software, may not be safe as there are tools capable of restoring deleted files. File Shredder overwrites files with meaningless data multiple times before deleting them which prevents data from being recovered. This tool is especially useful when selling/donating your computers or hard drives.”

These two features go hand in hand and we would recommend using them if you ever feel suspicious about a file you’ve downloaded.

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