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Suspicious emails

There are millions of emails sent every single day, unfortunately many of them are not as innocent as they may seem, according to the Symantec 2017 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), 1 in 131 emails contained malware in 2016, the highest rate…Read More »

Utilising Anti-Virus features

Downloading a file from the internet often brings concern if you’re not confident about where it has come from, there’s always that chance it’s going to be harmful software. Thankfully we have antiviruses to protect us, however most of them have a…Read More »

Building a Gaming Computer

A couple weeks ago we published a post on building your own computer, however we didn’t cover the ‘gaming’ side of this. We felt this is worthy of making a separate post for as there is a lot to go into. It’s…Read More »

Buying refurbished over new

For some people the idea of buying refurbished computers and laptops isn’t even an option because it is thought the product will be slow and or not very nice to use. This is a misconception of refurbished products, if you are buying…Read More »

Building your own computer

Buying a computer is a very common purchase, thousands of people have one in their home and the most popular way to obtain one is to buy them pre-built from popular websites such as Amazon. However you do not have to purchase…Read More »

Using a VPN

Following on from our WiFi exploit blog, using a public network could also have vulnerabilities as you never know who or what is on the network with you. However, using a VPN (virtual private network) can make sure that everything that you…Read More »

‘Krack’ The new WiFi exploit

Recently there has been a new WiFi exploit affecting all modern WiFi networks called “Krack”. Most modern networks use WPA or WPA 2 encryption which is what has been exploited, it allows an attacker to read data in WiFi traffic.  The attack…Read More »

Useful Windows Shortcuts

Useful Windows Shortcuts There are some Windows shortcuts that everyone should know, sometimes it’s a lot easier to use a quick command than to click around with the mouse. We’ve compiled some of our favourite shortcuts to hopefully enhance your productivity within…Read More »

Hiren’s Boot CD

Hiren’s Boot CD is a free and very useful tool for troubleshooting and the general maintenance of computers and laptops. It is supplied with a vast amount of tools. It is a bootable image meaning it operates outside of windows, you could…Read More »

Do I have USB 3.0?

  Do I have USB 3.0? Most people who have ever used a computer have at some point used their USB ports, whether it’s for storage, or input devices such as keyboards and mice. The USB has been around for years and…Read More »