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Hiren's Boot CD

Hiren's Boot CD is a free and very useful tool for troubleshooting and the general maintenance of computers and laptops. It is supplied with a vast amount of tools. It is a bootable image meaning it operates outside of windows, you could potentially wipe your hard drive with this if you wanted to do so, however it has many other benefits. Although it possesses the name ‘CD’, you can easily use this on a USB instead, we would recommend this. You will need a program called ‘Rufus’ to do this. See our previous tip for help on that, follow the guide but just select the Hiren ISO file instead of an operating system: One of the main features is called ‘Mini Windows XP’ this feature runs a limited version of XP by using the RAM and not the hard drive. Meaning It won’t overwrite your current operating system, this is great for troubleshooting your PC, there are plenty of hard drive maintenance programs available while on mini XP. You can also use mini XP as a method of transferring data from one drive to another, this would be especially useful if you were transferring your operating system onto a new SSD. The removal of viruses can also be achieved on mini XP there are plenty of programs already supplied that will help you do this.   Link to the download page:  

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