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PC too hot? We've got a couple tips

Computers and laptops naturally produce heat without causing problems, this is due to the CPU and other components working and performing tasks. This isn't a problem however over time you may notice these devices might produce more and more heat, this is where problems can start as computers cannot handle too much of this. The buildup of dust inside laptops and computers can quickly block the airflow which is needed to cool down your components. At Circuittrade we can offer you to have your PC cleaned of dust which can improve the performance of the computer as it will not be getting as hot. Another method to consider is re-applying thermal paste to the CPU. This is because over time the thermal paste can become dry and lose its ability to transfer heat to the heat-sink. This can often be the culprit of lowered performance over time, if the CPU becomes too hot it will lower its performance which is known as bottle necking. Re-applying paste to the CPU can resolve this problem and we can also offer this service to you. Please find our website below to contact us for pricing for these services.

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