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Speed up your PC/laptop without having to spend a fortune on a new one!

Solid state drive (SSD) do the same thing as a standard hard disk drive (HDD) however an SSD uses flash memory meaning the transfer speeds are much quicker and because there are no moving parts it means that they are more robust than a HDD.
For example, a modern 7200rpm ranges from about 80-160MB/s but an SSD ranges from about 400MB/s- 550MB/s depending on the SSD. This means that your PC can read files approximately 3x more meaning higher performance in boot times, software and gaming.

However, SSD’s are more expensive than HDD but it is a much better investment than buying a brand-new PC.

You can request an SSD upgrade on all compatible PC’s and price depends on the capacity.
Please contact the sales team at or tel: 0208 641 0719 for more information or advice.

Additionally, if you’re interested and your local then you can drop in and talk to one of our advisors who would be happy to discuss what the best option is for you. We can also transfer all of your data across to your new SSD safely and securely.

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