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Useful Windows Shortcuts

Useful Windows Shortcuts

There are some Windows shortcuts that everyone should know, sometimes it's a lot easier to use a quick command than to click around with the mouse. We've compiled some of our favourite shortcuts to hopefully enhance your productivity within Windows.

(CTRL + C, CTRL + V) - One of the most popular commands, CTRL + C will copy the selected text or images, CTRL + V will paste whatever is currently copied. (CTRL + Z) - This will 'Undo' whatever mistake you just made on certain programs such as Office and Photoshop. (CTRL + T) – This command will open a new tab for you in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, we find this particularly useful when quickly needing a second tab without moving the mouse. (ALT + TAB) – In our opinion this is one of the useful shortcuts available to you, this will switch back to the last window you had open, you can press this again to go back and forth between the current and previous window. (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) – This one is great for troubleshooting, if your PC runs slow it may be because of one program, opening task manager with this command allows you to quickly find and close this program.

There are plenty of other Windows shortcuts that you may find helpful however these are our favourites, if you’d like to find our more shortcuts please follow the official Microsoft guide below.


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