This service includes a free diagnosis. Once we have determined the fault we will provide a quotation. If we can not fix your system we will not charge you. If you accept our quotation the work will be completed at our technical centre in Sutton, Surrey . If parts are required these may take 2/3 days to be delivered.

All hardware repairs are guarantee for 3 months. New parts come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


This service restores your computer to its original factory settings. Our experts can re-install Windows and configure Windows updates to get you up and running again.
The Original C.O.A licenses will be need to activate Windows and some software packages/apps.

Get your PC back to normal
Windows re-installed
Device Drivers installeD
Security Systems Setup

From £55


Our service examines your system for known viruses. In the event of your system be unrecoverable, we will attempt to save your data and check for viruses. Our experts can re-install and configure Windows to get you up and running again. All recovered/safe data will be copied to the new setup. We can offer advice on how to keep the system safe for future use.

Data is virus checked and copied for new the system
Get your PC back to normal
Windows re-installed

From £60


We can recover deleted or lost files and transfer them to a new hard drive, CD, DVD or USB stick (the cost of a new hard drive or other media is not included).

Lost or deleted files recovered
Files put onto DVD, USB stick or external hard drive
Old hard drive securely recycled

From £75


We will securely delete all files and records from your computer’s hard drive. Using government approved standards, we will make sure your identity is protected if you decide to sell or dispose of your computer.

Securely erase all data on your computer
Protect your identity
Recycle your computer in line with the latest legislation ( WEEE Directive)

From £25

Example of a recent
customer repair

The system was shutting down after a few minutes of being turned on, the customer also noticed a software problem.

We found the CPU had been incorrectly installed. The machine was overheating, hence shutting itself off.
The software issue was a virus problem.

The CPU was correctly installed. We re-applied new high quality thermal paste.
Due the volume of virus we recovered all the customers data and re-installed Windows 10.
We then insured all the virus protection was automatically updated and advised the customer on how to keep the system safe for future use          

We cleaned up the old thermal paste

We replaced the thermal paste with high quality thermal paste.

We tidied up the cable systems.

We recovered all the customers data and correctly installed Windows 10 and all the appropriate drivers